dimanche 8 juillet 2007

Les princes - The Princes

Bienvenue, Welcome,

Voici les Princes :
Patrice von Sthal Grand Prince électeur du Lichtenbourg et Conseillé auprès de le HoffKriegsrad à Vienne.
Fredéric Adamovitch général détaché auprès de l'empire Russe.
Les Princes Gilles deRyke et Thiery de Condé servants sous les ordres de Sa Majestée le Roy de France.
Le traitre Prince Jean von Lo général sous les ordres du boucher de Prusse.

Here are the Princes :

Patrice von Sthal the Great Prince elector of Lichtenbourg, councelor at the Vienna Hoffkriegsrad.
Frederic Adamovitch general attached to the Russian Empire.
The Princes Gilles de Ryke and Thierry de Condé serving the King of France.
The traitor Prince Jean von Lo general of the Prussian butcher.

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Ed Youngstrom a dit…

Bon chance, Jean Luc!

Sadly, Hesse-Fedora sides with Germania in its struggles with Hesse-Homburg, which is part of the Imperium. I fear our soldiers will meet from opposite sides of the fields of Mars.

Sec'y to Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

Saxe-Bearstein is conflicted. While the Gallians are aided by our traditional enemies (the vile Stagonians), last year the forces of the Elector attempted to annex our fair lands and were driven back by those same Gallians.

You may read much of this (and far more) in the exchanges found on the group blog, "Emperor vs Elector":


If you would like to join this "diplomatic blog" for imaginary 18th century countries, email me at . . . bluebear@uniserve.com . . . and I'll see that you get an invitation.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein