jeudi 12 juillet 2007

Ah hA reinforcements - renforts

2 Boites arrivés par la poste Front Rank et Redoubt

Des reforts, Russes, Autrichiens et Français !

Traduction de AOR est en cours plus que les corrections a faire

Problèmes :

Front rank il manque des Figurines !
Redoubt des mousquets sont endomagés !

2 Boxes arrived by post ! Front Rank and Redoubt

Reinforcements for the Russians, French and Austrians

I am at the same time translating AOR to French almost finished

Problems :
Frontrank some fig's are missing
Redoubt some muskets are broken (7figs !)

Awaiting response from them !

1 commentaire:

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

Ouch! It is exciting to get a package of new figures . . . then so disappointing if they aren't everything you wanted.

Hopefully the companies involved will be able to satisfy you soon.

-- Jeff