jeudi 20 mars 2008

2e Bataille de Prina Les Esquisses

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Col a dit…

Hilarious! But I mean that in a positive sense and that it make sme feel good. Not about war, of course, but about our ability to re-enact it without any casualties. I thank you.

abdul666 a dit…

Wow! That *is* a battle, and a very well illustrated AAR - thanks for posting.
I may be wrong, but I think I spotted Lichtenbourgeois regiments (with the yellow & blue flag with a black cross)? They deserve a special presentation with large pics unit by unit: being 'endemic species' living only on your table-top and unknown elsewhere. While 'historical' Austrians & Prussians are 'ubiquitous' and already well documented.

Compliments and best wishes,

andygamer a dit…

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And that is a good-looking game.