mercredi 5 septembre 2007

Que ce passe t'il? - Whats happening ?

Bon tout semble a l'arret...nous transformons notre espace jeux...gros travaux nous en avons encore pour 1/2 mois.

We are refurbishing our gamingzone and it will take 1 to 2 months...

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Bluebear Jeff a dit…

An occasional update (perhaps with photos) and discussion of your plans would be of interest, I'm sure.

I am in the (slow) process of putting my gameroom together too . . . you may well have ideas that haven't occurred to me.

Your ideas and discussions may well prompt others to follow some of your suggestions.

Please share the experience with us.

-- Jeff

tidders a dit…

I'm sure all the hard work to revamp your gaming area will be worth it in the end.

Are you making you game area biggre, new table storage or ???

-- Allan

Les Princes du Lichtenbourg a dit…

Well, bigger adding 20 m²...

table will go from 2m40/1m40 to 4m80 / 1m 80 !

abdul666 a dit…

1 m 80! Sometimes I had difficulties to reach minis in the middle of a 'mere' tabletennis table of 1 m 50 (specialy when having to pass over hills or a phalanx of 64 pikewomen). I hope you have long arms -6 feet was quoted by C. grant as the very upper limit of a wargame table.
Unless you open a trap in the middle, like P. Young, or Ron Miles for his spectucal'Siege of Dendermonde'(I think Henry Hyde posted this article in the March "77 issue of 'Battle' either on his 'Battlegames' sites or in the Files of the Old_School_Wargaming Yahoo group).

BTW, do you intend, if just for the enjoyment of it, to design original uniforms for the forces of your Principality? If so, please share your ideas with us (I'm not asking for colored versions of these extremely useful SYW templates). Thanks in advance!

Les Princes du Lichtenbourg a dit…

Well yes 1m80 is large but we tried it already and it seems fine.

As for our Lichtenburg troops, we already painted them and to my great regret i had a problem with the SD card i could not retrieve the pictures.
We use vonKleist infantry figures painted "Austrian style", white coat, trousers and colored cuffs to differentiate the regiments. The Grenadiers Guard have Prussian style uniforms painted Austrian. style. On some of the pictures i posted you can see them afar, the flags are French-style with black cross.

abdul666 a dit…

Your Highnesses,
we sincerly hope you'll be able, in one way or another, to regale us with photos of the mighty Lichtenbourger (Lichtenbourgeois?) units. Irritating as it may be, a failing SD card brings only an inconvenient delay here (not as if it held all the photos of your holydays in the Bahamas, e.g.!).
Bon courage,