vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Ils arrivent ! Newly Painted

Pendant que nous transformons notre salle de jeux ma production n'est pas en veille !

During our refurbishment works the mobilisation continues !

5 commentaires:

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

Thanks for the photo update. It is good to see that you are still painting.

Nice figures, they look good.

-- Jeff

abdul666 a dit…

Damned 'Historicals'! Very good & well-painted, indeed, but Historicals nonetheless...
We want Lichtenbourgeois!

Stokes Schwartz a dit…

Lovely work! You white-coated Austrians are especially nice. Looking forward to seeing your finished miniatures.

Best Regards,


Auston a dit…

Very well done!

tidders a dit…

C'est Beau. Nice work. I like the look of the Perry figs you've used.

-- Allan