mercredi 15 août 2007

je peints - I paint

Je peints

Pas beaucoup le temps de blogger pour le moment.

Je veux terminer mon armée Prussienne le plus rapidement possible.

Cette semaine je peints le 9e Régiment de Mousquetaires.

Il me reste en tout 4 bataillions, 1 Régiment de Hussards a peindre.

Je veux les terminer mi-septembre !
Allez en avant les pinceaux !


I paint !

not much time to blog right now.

i want to finish my Prussian Army asap.

The 9th Inf. regiment is now on the workbench and almost finished.

i have 4 Batalions and one Hussard left to paint.

These must be finished for mid-september.

To my brushes !

7 commentaires:

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

Ah, to be young and painting in Paris . . . well, at least it would be great if I could shed a few years (no matter where I was).

Keep those paint brushes flying!

-- Jeff

Les Princes du Lichtenbourg a dit…

LOL Paris ????

No Brussels !


well i am 40 now....

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

My next birthday will be number 60 . . . Brussels then . . . but there's no nice alliteration in "painting in Brussels" . . . ah well.

Enjoy your paining, my friend.

-- Jeff

tidders a dit…

Bon chance !

Hope you get them done in time

-- Allan

Bluebear Jeff a dit…

How is your painting progressing? We'd like to see some "interim pictures" if you're willing.

-- Jeff

MurdocK a dit…

Bonne Chance!

We await the finished product with breathless antici----pation!

Les Princes du Lichtenbourg a dit…

i finished them and will post a picture later ... it is a surpise for my Austrian friends :
6 new Prussian Battalions :
9 th infantry Regiment
40 th infantry Regiment
32 rd one batalion
34 th one batalion